Fox Paranormal Chat

Hello, you beautiful imps!

I wanted to let everyone know a few things. First, I have started a Substack that you can find here. I hope you all make your way there to get subscribed! Second, the normal American Dismay podcast with Brandon Ingram will be recorded tomorrow (4/17) and eventually uploaded to YouTube.

Lastly, I am going to be a guest on the Fox Paranormal Chat with Webb Paranormal Group. You can find the Webb’s content here. You will also find previous episodes of my appearances there on Spooky Things and Wicked Paranormal Radio. These guys have been a wonderful family here in the South for ghost hunting and giving the paranormal a place to speak. So go give them a like and a listen!

The next few pages are going to be one big update for Envy. These are also artistically intense and have taken me a little longer to produce and compose. Subscribe here and you will be the first to get em’!

Thank you all so much and best regards,

Suzerain Dionna