Humanity, lost to its conventional wisdom, is unmoved and wavering among the cosmos. Their souls are aimless and poor. The egregious of the underworld find the stasis as an opportunity and war shifts to conquest with Lucifer taking over Limbo entirely. With this victory, Lucifer sets his eyes on Earth next.

King Belial or Envy, second only to Lucifer, is summoned to our reality by the novice druid, Fritz. However, once above Envy is thwarted by divine intervention. In her last breaths, she makes a pact with the druid to live the life of a human and avoid her re-birth. If Envy fulfills all that it is to be a person, she will undergo epiphanies of spells to regain her powers.

American Demon Comics

American Demon Comics was officially started in 2022. However, the roots extend further back. It was founded by Austin Light. Me. Your current producer, artist, writer, and website designer.

I published my first Webtoon in 2019, and I have been publishing on and off since then. American Demon was, and still is, my Twitter persona as Dionna Anchors. Dionna has formed into something of a business mascot, and you will often see me dressed as her at conventions.

So using American Demon, I have formed this business to be my umbrella for all original titles to come, like Envy.